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UFO Hunters

Bill Birnes, Ted Acworth and Pat Uskert investigate UFO cases around the world. 

Bill Birnes (Host), Patrick Uskert (Host), Kevin Cook (Host), Ted Acworth (Host)

08:00 AM
"The Greys Conspiracy"  People recount their stories of encounters with grey aliens; an astrobiologist analyzes artist renditions of greys to try to determine what planets the creatures might inhabit; 900-year-old skull found in Mexico.  (Repeat) H2
09:00 AM
"Underwater Area 51"  Investigating reports of UFO and USO activity in the Bermuda Triangle vicinity of the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center said to be used by the U.S. Navy for weapons testing and underwater research.  (Repeat) H2
UFO Hunters

Experts in ``UFOlogy'' scrutinize accounts of encounters with unidentified flying objects and the evidence surrounding those accounts to uncover the actual facts and, ultimately, the answer to the big question: Are we alone in the universe? The UFO Hunters include Bill Birnes, publisher of UFO Magazine, and Pat Uskert, who witnessed a strange metallic object floating over Venice, Calif., in 2004 that inspired him to become a UFO researcher and investigative journalist.

Current cast
Bill Birnes Patrick Uskert Kevin Cook Ted Acworth

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