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A vampire with a conscience saves lost souls in Los Angeles. 

David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, J. august Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallett, James Marsters, Mercedes Mcnab, Sarah Thompson, Charisma Carpenter, Vincent Kartheiser, Glenn Quinn

Joss Whedon (Executive Producer), Gail Berman (Executive Producer), Fran rubel Kuzui (Executive Producer), Kaz Kuzui (Executive Producer), Sandy Gallin (Executive Producer), David Greenwalt (Producer), James Contner (Director), David Fury (Writer), David Greenwalt (Director), Drew Goddard (Writer), Steven s. Deknight (Writer), Ben Edlund (Writer), Vern Gillum (Director), Terrence O'hara (Director), Skip Schoolnik (Director), Sarah Fain (Writer), Elizabeth Craft (Writer), Joss Whedon (Director), Joss Whedon (Writer), Ben Edlund (Director), David Fury (Director), Jefferson Kibbee (Director), David Boreanaz (Director), Brent Fletcher (Writer), Jeffrey Bell (Writer), Jeffrey Bell (Director), Bill Norton (Director), Steven s. Deknight (Director), Marita Grabiak (Director), David Greenwalt (Executive Producer), David Straiton (Director), Tim Minear (Director), Tim Minear (Writer), Michael Grossman (Director), Mere Smith (Writer), Sean Astin (Director), John Whedon (Writer), David Greenwalt (Writer), David Grossman (Director), David h. Goodman (Writer), Turi Meyer (Director), Scott Murphy (Writer), Fred Keller (Director), Shawn Ryan (Writer), James Whitmore jr. (Director), Scott Mcginnis (Director), Jim Kouf (Writer), R.d. Price (Director), Bruce Green (Director), Douglas Petrie (Writer), Krishna Rao (Director), Jane Espenson (Writer), David Semel (Director), Michael Lange (Director), Thomas Wright (Director), Jeannine Renshaw (Writer), Garry Campbell (Writer), Tracey Stern (Writer), Regis b. Kimble (Director), Robert david Price (Director), Howard Gordon (Writer), Nick Marck (Director), Marti Noxon (Writer), Winrich Kolbe (Director), Tucker Gates (Director)

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Leaving his true love, Buffy, behind in Sunnydale, the vampire Angel tries to get a fresh start in Los Angeles. Instead, he finds a whole 'nother breed of fiends waiting to bring out his dark side. Along the way, he joins forces with several other like-minded heroes looking to protect Angelenos from the demon threat.

Current cast
David Boreanaz as Angel
Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndham Price
J. august Richards as Charles Gunn
Amy Acker as Winifred ``Fred'' Burkle
Andy Hallett as Lorne, The Host
James Marsters as Spike

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