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The Universe

Exploring the universe and its mysteries. 

Erik Thompson (Narrator)

07:00 AM
"Colonizing Space"  Scientists examine the pros and cons of space colonization, as efforts are underway to develop technology to make Mars more habitable for humans.  (Repeat) H2
08:00 AM
"Crash Landing on Mars"  We'll show what the astronauts would have to do to survive dust storms and space radiation, while extracting vital resources like water from the Martian soil itself.  (Repeat) H2
09:00 AM
"When Space Changed History"  It may seem like seem like science fiction, but the cosmos isn't just something way out there. Many times in human history, objects or forces from space have changed the course of life on earth.  (Repeat) H2
10:00 AM
"The Milky Way"  Within the Milky Way can be found the debris of old, dying stars fueling the birth of new stars. Come along for a guided tour of 100,000 light-year-wide family of stars and stellar phenomena we call The Milky Way.  (Repeat) H2
11:00 AM
"Edge of Space"  The dangers of traveling in low Earth orbit aboard a spacecraft include radiation, cosmic rays and debris; the commercial prospects of taking private citizens into orbit and aboard the International Space Station.  (Repeat) H2
12:00 PM
"Dark Matter"  Dark matter and dark energy make up most of the universe, but scientists do not know what they are or what they portend for the future.  (Repeat) H2
01:00 PM
"How Big, How Far, How Fast"  The biggest objects, farthest distances, and fastest speeds are made relatable through extreme physical analogies.  (Repeat) H2
The Universe

In the years since man first ventured into space, scientific discoveries have had a dramatic impact on mankind's perception of both the universe and the human race's relationship to it. This ambitious series examines the known universe and the speculative worlds that may lie out there beyond the edge of the unknown.

Current cast
Erik Thompson

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