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The Universe

Exploring the universe and its mysteries. 

Erik Thompson (Narrator)

06:00 AM
"Parallel Universes"  Some of the world's leading physicists believe they have found evidence proving the existence of parallel universes.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:00 PM
"Mysteries of the Moon"  The moon captivates scientists; theories about transient phenomena; the moon influences Earth's tides; myths and mysteries.  (Repeat) H2
01:00 PM
"Gravity"  Scientists study gravity using space-based instruments to measure the waves of gravity sweeping across the cosmos.  (Repeat) H2
02:00 PM
"It Fell From Space"  Scientists gain insights into the cosmos from objects that fall from the heavens, including asteroids, comets, meteors and space debris.  (Repeat) H2
03:00 PM
The Universe Exploring the universe and its mysteries.  (Repeat) H2
04:00 PM
"Mars: The New Evidence"  The Red Planet has yielded up many new clues that life may have once existed there and may even exist there today.  (Repeat) H2
05:00 PM
"Our Place in the Milky Way"  An exploration of Earth's cosmic neighborhood. Looking beyond the borders of our solar system, at how other objects in our local area influence life on Earth, and how Earth's place in the galaxy makes it livable.  (Repeat) H2
The Universe

In the years since man first ventured into space, scientific discoveries have had a dramatic impact on mankind's perception of both the universe and the human race's relationship to it. This ambitious series examines the known universe and the speculative worlds that may lie out there beyond the edge of the unknown.

Current cast
Erik Thompson

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