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Dr. G: Medical Examiner

A medical examiner explores unexplained deaths in Orlando, Fla. 

06:00 AM
"Deadly Remedies"  A young boy is found unresponsive on the floor; donated organs may interfere with an autopsy.  (Repeat) DLC
09:00 AM
"Toxic Forces"  A woman becomes suddenly ill and dies two days later; a mentally ill man is found dead after an argument with his partner.  (Repeat) DLC
10:00 AM
"Broken Lives"  A discovered corpse must be identified; a mentally handicapped man dies mysteriously in a halfway house.  (Repeat) DLC
11:00 AM
"Deadly Journeys"  A woman dies after a 12-hour plane ride; a hitchhiker dies after sharing a drink with the person who gave her the ride.  (Repeat) DLC
12:00 PM
"Deadly Doses"  Woman itches all over her body then dies.  (Repeat) DLC
01:00 PM
"Twist of Fate"  An elderly woman dies with no apparent symptoms; a man complaining of abdominal pain passes away after inconclusive testing.  (Repeat) DLC
02:00 PM
"Deadly Destination"  An elderly man is found dead in his home; a man dies after suffering from severe abdominal pain after traveling.  (Repeat) DLC
03:00 PM
"In the Dead of Night"  A man dies in the middle of the night; a man dies following a night of heavy drinking.  (Repeat) DLC
04:00 PM
"Deadly Lovers Quarrel"  An elderly man is found unconscious on a curb; a young man with a history of substance abuse is stabbed in the arm.  (Repeat) DLC
05:00 PM
"Once Bitten"  An active businessman dies two days after complaining of back pain; a father dies after a trip to an amusement park with his family.  (Repeat) DLC
Dr. G: Medical Examiner

Medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia explores unexplained deaths in Orlando, Fla., in this reality series that also features re-enactments of events leading up to the death and interviews with people connected to the fatality.

Current cast
Dr. Garavaglia

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