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Storm Stories

True accounts of life-threatening, weather-related events. 

Jim Cantore (Host)

05:30 AM
"Greensburg Tornado"  The town of Greensburg, Kan., is leveled by an EF5 tornado in May 2007.  (Repeat) WABC
05:30 AM
"Pueblo Rescue"  A severe storm in Pueblo, Colo., damages a grocery store and injures people at the state fair.  (Repeat) WABC
Storm Stories

``Storm Stories'' presents gripping accounts of rescuers and survivors who battled severe and highly unpredictable weather at its worst. Each episode features a recounting of the events that led up to a life-threatening storm and the unrest that followed, and while typically this is done via re-enactments, actual footage of the storm is used at times.

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Jim Cantore

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