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As Time Goes By

A couple meet again 40 years after having a brief affair. 

Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Philip Bretherton, Moira Brooker, Jenny Funnell, Daniel Ryan, David Oyelowo, Dennis Banks, Mark Bagnall, Cate Fowler, Frank Middlemass, Joan Sims, Janet Henfrey, Tim Wylton, Jeremy Sinden, Angela Scoular, Ian Talbot, Fidelis Morgan, Paul Chapman, Moyra Fraser, Ronnie Stevens, Vivienne Martin, David Michaels, Gillian Martell, Richard Braine, Justine Glenton, Lara Cazalet, Georgina Beer, Fred Pearson, Paul Slack, Nigel Betts, Mark Benton, James Greene, Janie Booth, Selina Cadell, Joan Campion, Sean Wightman, Dick Bannick, Dexter , Miranda Forbes, James Ottaway, Frances Cox, Veda Warwick, Evie Garratt, Tim Barker, Sydney Livingstone, Isabelle Amyes, Matthew Marsh, Eleanor Moriarty, Norman Rodway, Jonathan Aris, Chris Sanders, George Waring, Ruth Jones, Tim Preece, Michael Fenton-stevens, Vernon Dobtcheff, Mike Grady, William Osborne, Iain Rogerson, Georgie Glen, Michael Mawby, Nick Bartlett, Kristopher Milnes, Helena Mccarthy, Sandra Trevor, Peter Mackriel, Patrick O'connell, Caroline Blakiston, Gary Cady, Otto Jarman, Bruce Boa, William Hope, William Armstrong, Tres Hanley, Christopher Wright, Barbara Leigh-hunt, Timothy Bateson, Zoe Hilson, Miranda Bell, David Battley, Joan Blackham, Bruce Bould, Sherry Baines, Michelle Joseph, Fiona Mollison, Arthur White, Marcus D'amico, Susan Denaker, John Guerrasio, Clyde Gatell, Cairo Cannon, Freddie Stuart, Sarah Carver, Caroline Hunnisett, Arthur Whybrow, Richard Syms, Terry John, Louise Kerr, Colin Ward-lewis, Samuel West, Jessica Lloyd, Olivier Pierre, Pamela Stirling, Daniel andre Pageon, Andrew Barclay, Jane Robbins, Cheryl Gilham, Nigel Fan, Jonathan Copestake, Tony Millan, Eileen Dunwoodie, William Chubb, Jean Warren, Paul Rogers, Geoffrey Leesley, Chris Samsworth, Tony Westrope, Cheryl Hall, Bernard Padden, Peter Aubrey

Sydney Lotterby (Director), Colin Bostock-smith (Writer), Bob Larbey (Writer), John Bartlett (Executive Producer), John Reynolds (Executive Producer), Don Taffner (Executive Producer), Trevor Mccallum (Executive Producer), Philip Jones (Executive Producer)

04:30 PM
"Going Online"  Jean wants to get on the Internet; Lionel learns that he is broke.  (Repeat) KYNE
12:00 AM
"Time to Settle Down"  Sandy's boyfriend tells Sandy some important news; Alistair realizes he wants Judith and that he should settle down.  (Repeat) KYNE
08:30 PM
"Getting to Know You -- Again"  Lionel and Jean (Geoffrey Palmer, Judi Dench) make vague promises to stay in touch after their accidental meeting.  (Repeat) WNET
09:00 PM
"Time to Settle Down"  Sandy's boyfriend tells Sandy some important news; Alistair realizes he wants Judith and that he should settle down.  (Repeat) KYNE
04:30 PM
As Time Goes By (Repeat) KYNE
As Time Goes By

Jean Pargetter and Lionel Hardcastle are former lovers whose lives intersect again 40 years after they lost touch with each other. Lionel is now divorced, and Jean is a widow with an adult daughter, Judith, who works in Jean's secretarial office. As Lionel works on a memoir with a cheerful but brash agent, Alistair, he begins to rekindle the tender romance with the woman who got away all those years ago. Cheering them on is Sandy, Judith's best friend and co-worker.

Current cast
Judi Dench as Jean
Geoffrey Palmer as Lionel
Philip Bretherton as Alistair
Moira Brooker as Judith Hanson
Jenny Funnell as Sandy

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