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07:30 AM
"Angelina and the Musical Plant; Angelina's Hip Hop Boys Show"  Angelina and her friends can't agree on the music for the Spring Fling show; Angelina must find a replacement for her hip-hop show.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina's Room; Angelina's Camembert Parade"  Angelina and Gracie have a few spats as roommates; Angelina organizes her friends in a parade.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina's Nature Dance; Angelina's Spring Fling"  Angelina and her classmates create a nature-inspired dance routine; Angelina and her friends learn about spring traditions from around the world.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina and the Bandleader; Angelina and Polly's Two-Hour Show"  The musical ensemble rehearses; Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling have trouble staying awake for Angelina and Polly's performance.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge; Angelina and the Disco Dance Craze"  Marco has a chance to win tickets to see his favorite mime artist; Gracie can't stop disco dancing.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina and the Mouselinghood of the Dancing Shoes; Angelina and Her Parents' Dance Lesson"  The boys want to join the newly-formed girls club; Angelina's parents take swing dance lessions.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina and the New Jeans; Angelina and the Poster"  Angelina and Alice create a new way to dance; Angelina and Marco design a poster.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina's Fancy Tutu; Angelina and the Musical Theater"  Angelina recalls when she found a fancy tutu; Viki convinces the mouselings to do their own show.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina and the Hearts on Ice; Angelina's Kitchen Band"  Angelina and Alice are excited to skate during halftime at Chipping Cheddar's hockey game.  (Repeat) WNET
11:30 AM
"Angelina and the Carnival; Angelina Jumps the River"  Vicki surprises Marco by bringing the Costa Mousa Carnival to Chipping Cheddar.  (Repeat) WNET
Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

Angelina is growing up. ``The Next Steps'' follows the mouseling, now 8 years old, as she embarks on the next stage of her life. Living on the other side of Chipping Cheddar, the aspiring ballerina enrolls at the performing arts school Camembert Academy, where she makes new friends, learns from a new teacher, Ms. Mimi, and experiences an exciting world of dance, music and performance.

Current cast
Naomi Wilkinson as Angelina Mouseling
Jen Pringle as Alice Nimbletoes
Emma Tate as Matilda Mouseling
Simon Mattacks as Maurice Mouseling

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