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Three's Company

Two single girls in need of a roommate settle for Jack Tripper. 

John Ritter, Joyce Dewitt, Suzanne Somers, Richard Kline, Don Knotts, Priscilla Barnes, Norman Fell, Jenilee Harrison, Audra Lindley, Ann Wedgeworth, Valerie Curtin, Susanne Zenor

Michael Ross (Executive Producer), Bernie West (Executive Producer), Budd Grossman (Executive Producer), George Burditt (Producer), George Sunga (Producer), Dave Powers (Director), Martin Rips (Writer), Joseph Staretski (Writer), George Burditt (Writer), Mark Tuttle (Writer), Michael Baser (Writer), Kim Weiskopf (Writer), Tom Dunsmuir (Writer), Don Nicholl (Producer), Michael Ross (Producer), Bernie West (Producer), Bill Hobin (Director), Alan j. Levitt (Writer), Budd Grossman (Writer), Don Nicholl (Writer), Michael Ross (Writer), Bernie West (Writer), Howard Albrecht (Writer), Sol Weinstein (Writer), Don Nicholl (Executive Producer), Ellen Guylas (Writer), Bill Richmond (Producer), Gene Perret (Producer), Howard Gewirtz (Writer), Ian Praiser (Writer), John Boni (Writer), Rich Orloff (Writer), George Atkins (Writer), Bill Richmond (Writer), Gene Perret (Writer), Paul Wayne (Writer), Rowby Goren (Writer), Neil Lebowitz (Writer), Jack Shea (Director), Roger Shulman (Producer), John Baskin (Producer), Al Gordon (Writer), Jack Mendelsohn (Writer), John Mortimer (Writer), Brian Cooke (Writer), Roger Shulman (Writer), John Baskin (Writer), Dennis Koenig (Writer), Larry Balmagia (Writer), Sam Greenbaum (Writer), Martin Roth (Writer), Franelle Silver (Writer), Jim Rogers (Writer), Gary Belkin (Writer), Bob Baublitz (Writer), Kathy Donnell (Writer), Madelyn dimaggio Wagner (Writer), Joyce Burditt (Writer), Michael Ross (Director), Ziggy Steinberg (Writer), Sam Gary (Director), Chuck Stewart (Writer), George Burditt (Executive Producer), Martin Rips (Producer), Joseph Staretski (Producer), David Mirkin (Writer), Dixie brown Grossman (Writer), Ron Bloomberg (Writer), Sandy Krinski (Writer), Chet Dowling (Writer), Shelley Zellman (Writer), Bob Priest (Director), Michael Weinberger (Writer), Neal Marlens (Writer), Arlan Gutenberg (Writer), Babette Wilk (Writer), Phil Hahn (Writer), Stuart Gillard (Writer), Lewis Colick (Writer), Lucille Ball (Host), Ken Hecht (Writer), Bob Brunner (Writer), James Ritz (Writer), Bryan Joseph (Writer), Laura Levine (Writer), Calvin Kelly (Writer)

05:00 AM
"Forget Me Not"  Jack feigns amnesia after wrecking Janet's car.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"The Heiress"  One of Janet's customers names her in his will.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:00 AM
"Friends and Lovers"  Jack and Vicky disrupt Janet's wedding.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"Friends and Lovers"  The girls leave; Jack moves in with Vicky.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"Cupid Works Overtime"  Jack falls for a busy stewardess.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"A Man About the House"  Chrissy and Janet try to convince their landlord that their new male roommate is gay.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:30 AM
"And Mother Makes Four"  Chrissy's mother visits for the first time since Jack moved in with the girls.  (Repeat) TVLAND
Three's Company

When two single girls need a roommate to share their Santa Monica apartment, they decide to offer a room to the guy they find passed out in the bathtub after the going-away party for their last roommate. Hijinks ensue.

Current cast
John Ritter as Jack Tripper
Joyce Dewitt as Janet Wood
Suzanne Somers as Chrissy Snow
Richard Kline as Larry Dallas
Don Knotts as Ralph Furley
Priscilla Barnes as Terri Alden
Norman Fell as Stanley Roper
Jenilee Harrison as Cindy Snow
Audra Lindley as Helen Roper
Ann Wedgeworth as Lana Shields

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