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Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami

"All Men Are Dogs"

Khloé's intimacy issues ruin her relationships with boyfriends; Kourtney saves Carrie's modeling career.  (Repeat)

Thu 8/6 10:30 AM  E
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14
Reality, Documentary, Interests

Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian

Ryan Seacrest (Executive Producer), Jonathan Murray (Executive Producer), Jeff Jenkins (Executive Producer)

08:00 AM
"Paint the Town D-A-S-H"  Opening a store in Miami and performing her first radio show proves to be too much for Khloé, whose temper triggers a fight that threatens the future of D-A-S-H.  (Repeat) E
08:30 AM
"Sex, Drugs and Consequences"  Khloé's job is threatened when she pulls out drugs on her radio show; Kourt accepts a lesbian's affections.  (Repeat) E
09:00 AM
"Hangover Helpers"  Khloé holds auditions at the boutique to find a date for Kourtney; Kim visits her sisters and gets pressured into getting drunk.  (Repeat) E
09:30 AM
"Kourt Gone Wild"  Trying to forget about Scott, Kourt goes on a boy crazy rampage; Khloé hosts a transsexual "Khloé Kardashian Look-a-Like" contest to raise money for LGBT equality efforts.  (Repeat) E
10:00 AM
"Seems Like Old Times"  Kourtney must decide whether to stay single after her ex-boyfriend Scott makes an unexpected return; a boutique employee might get fired.  (Repeat) E
10:30 AM
"All Men Are Dogs"  Khloé's intimacy issues ruin her relationships with boyfriends; Kourtney saves Carrie's modeling career.  (Repeat) E
11:00 AM
"Land of the Lost"  The girls get lost and stuck in the Everglades while en route to Tampa for an appearance; Kourtney realizes she might be pregnant.  (Repeat) E
11:30 AM
"Executive Decisions"  Kourtney has hard decisions to make after it's confirmed she's been impregnated by Scott because she's not sure she's ready to be a mother and her family does not like him.  (Repeat) E
12:00 PM
"Back in Miami"  Kourtney accuses Khloé of being a a lousy sister and business partner after Khloé shows up late.  (Repeat) E
12:30 PM
"Wax on Wax Off"  Kourtney learns that times have changed when old friends drop by for a good time.  (Repeat) E
Kourtney & Khlo├® Take Miami

This half-hour series keeps up with Kourtney and Khlo├® Kardashian as the sisters adapt to a different lifestyle in Miami, where they oversee the newest D-A-S-H boutique. Being away from their family for the first time, the two Ks find new drama, new relationships and a bustling new social scene that threatens to derail their focus on the business at hand.

Current cast
Kourtney Kardashian Khlo├® Kardashian

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