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Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew travel around the world setting up outrageous stunts. 

Travis Pastrana, Jolene Vugt, Andy Bell, Jim Dechamp, Erik "rubberneck" Roner, Streetbike tommy Passemante, Drama

Jeff Tremaine (Executive Producer), Johnny Knoxville (Executive Producer), Jeremy Rawle (Executive Producer), Gregg Godfrey (Executive Producer), Travis Pastrana (Executive Producer), Trip Taylor (Executive Producer)

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Nitro Circus

This circus is without elephants, but the action is sure to be just as big. With motocross madman and multiple X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana at the helm, that's a given in this series that showcases Pastrana and his crew of top action-sports athletes, buddies and enablers trying to top one another's stunts week after week. He's joined by fellow motocross racer Jolene Van Vugt, FMX rider Andy Bell, mountain bike racer Jim DeChamp, extreme skiier Erik ``Rubberneck'' Roner and Streetbike Tommy Passemante, a construction worker and friend of Pastrana's who's around to provide comic relief.

Current cast
Travis Pastrana Jolene Vugt Andy Bell Jim Dechamp Erik ``rubberneck'' Roner Streetbike tommy Passemante

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