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Forensic Files

Experts assemble the pieces of a crime puzzle. 

Peter Thomas (Narrator)

01:00 AM
"The Financial Downfall"  At first investigators think a beautiful young woman's fatal fall from a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean was an accident, but forensic examination of photos arouses suspicion that foul play was involved.  (Repeat) HLN
01:30 AM
"Over a Barrel"  A determined forensic scientist pursues the robbery and murder of an elderly couple using material from a dentist's office.  (Repeat) HLN
03:00 AM
"Video Diary"  Specialists -- including a NASA vendor -- help police reconstruct a damaged surveillance video to catch a murderer.  (Repeat) HLN
03:30 AM
"Missing in Time"  The case of a woman who is reported missing after fighting with her husband.  (Repeat) HLN
04:00 AM
"Buried Treasure"  Fifteen years after a man disappears, using a metal detector, police find evidence which proves what had happened.  (Repeat) HLN
04:30 AM
"Muddy Waters"  A Colorado hunter shot three times and killed was the victim of a crime, not an accident; police suspected two murder weapons, and two killers, but forensic evidence pointed them closer to home.  (Repeat) HLN
05:00 AM
"Bad Medicine"  Investigators must find the cause of arsenic poisoning in a young woman.  (Repeat) HLN
05:30 AM
"Head Games"  A husband was shot and killed, forensic psychiatry helped the wife to remember the details for what happened.  (Repeat) HLN
05:00 PM
"No Corpus Delicti"  A pawn ticket, a plant and a global positioning satellite help investigators unravel a murder case in which there's no body to be found.  (Repeat) HLN
05:30 PM
"Cloak of Deceit"  Forensic experts were able to find a trio of robbers by the way they stood and the clothes they wore.  (Repeat) HLN
Forensic Files

Eagle-eyed technical experts prove there is no such thing as a perfect crime as they assemble the pieces every criminal leaves behind. Dramatic crime re-creations and, sometimes, part of the investigations are a staple of the series. Some of the re-creations include alternate versions of the crimes, which are disproved by science. The show's episodes follow each case from the initial investigation until it reaches its legal resolution.

Current cast
Peter Thomas

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