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Ancient Discoveries

Some inventions of the classical world equal or surpass modern technology. 

04:00 PM
"Cars & Planes"  The team tries to figure out how successfully ancient peoples traveled overland.  (Repeat) H2
05:00 PM
"Robots"  The robotic inventions found in the mythical texts and how they compare with machines known in the ancient world.  (Repeat) H2
06:00 PM
"Machines III"  Chinese technology such as cosmic machines, hydraulic hammers, water-controlled clocks and mass production plants powered by water.  (Repeat) H2
07:00 PM
"Ancient New York"  New discoveries unveil the ancient blueprint for modern life in the metropolis of New York.  (Repeat) H2
Ancient Discoveries

Historians reveal and discuss evidence of centuries-old theories and prototypes for many contemporary procedures and technologies, like brain surgery and computers.

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