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Animal Cops Houston

Investigators combat animal abuse across Texas. 

Robert Leigh (Narrator), John Lurie (Narrator)

08:00 AM
"Chase"  The Houston SPCA does it again as they come to the daring rescue of an emaciated cat and try to save its life.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Hurricane Ike"  Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen of the Houston SPCA and his crew prepare to rescue as many animals as possible in Galveston, Texas following Hurricane Ike.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Grumpy Wilma"  Investigator Michielson receives a tip about two emaciated horses; Investigator Jantzen helps with the removal of a grumpy, obese pot-bellied pig.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Missing Puppies"  Chief Investigator Charles Jantzen and Investigator Debbie Michielson rescue a pack of dogs on the brink of turning feral from a deceased owner's property.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Insulin Injection"  An SPCA investigator is called out to investigate an animal cruelty case that involves a sick horse and hypodermic needles.  (Repeat) APL
08:00 AM
"Survivors"  Investigators from the Houston SPCA find two Siberian Huskies dead and a third struggling to survive.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Fred the Chimpanzee"  A man keeps a chimpanzee in a tiny cell in his home; 10 cats must be caught at an abandoned home; a hawk smashes through a window.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Liberty County Battle"  An abandoned dog requires an extraordinary amount of care; after a heated argument with their owner, the police seize four emaciated horses and a calf.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Slick"  Thirty sick and injured dogs are rescued from an elderly couple; two abandoned dogs need help; the barn team must take care of 100 fighting roosters.  (Repeat) APL
09:00 AM
"Cats in Trouble"  When it becomes apparent that a group of cats are in peril, the investigators from the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals swoop into action.  (Repeat) APL
Animal Cops Houston

The dedicated team at the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a private charity, responds to a variety of distress calls involving an average of more than 100 animals per day. This series documents the work they do, from the initial investigation through, in some cases, the animals being adopted into loving homes.

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Robert Leigh

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