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Lockup: Raw

Additional footage from the "Lockup" series. 

01:00 AM
"No Boys Allowed"  (Repeat) MSNBC
05:00 AM
"Deadly Trade"  The many skills that inmates learn in jails and prisons.  (Repeat) MSNBC
07:00 AM
"Use of Force"  Drastic measures are sometimes used when inmates put themselves or other inmates in danger.  (Repeat) MSNBC
12:00 AM
"View From the Crew"  The crew's take on being in prisons and jails across the U.S. and the world for over a decade.  (Repeat) MSNBC
01:00 AM
"Severed Ties"  (Repeat) MSNBC
Lockup: Raw

Behind the scenes of the reality crime series ``Lockup,'' as producers offer candid interviews and previously unaired footage of some of the most memorable inmates spotlighted on the program.

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