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Dangerous and conniving criminals. 

Rodd Houston, Eric Salazar

David Smith (Director)

12:00 PM
"Blood on the Border"  Violent murders escalate in Juarez, making it the murder capital of Mexico.  (Repeat) NGC
01:00 PM
"County Jail"  The overcrowded Multnomah County Detention Center may be worse than prison.  (Repeat) NGC
02:00 PM
"Gang War"  Inmates at Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad, Calif., participate in nearly 200 gang-related fights a year.  (Repeat) NGC
03:00 PM
"Inmate U"  New recruits at the understaffed Wyoming State Penitentiary face the challenges of training, manipulative inmates and working in a prison with a history of violence.  (Repeat) NGC
04:00 PM
"Newbies"  Three recruits struggle with their inexperience in the prison environment at Wyoming State Penitentiary.  (Repeat) NGC
05:00 PM
"Women Behind Bars"  California's Valley State Prison deals with violent inmates, overcrowding and heavy drug-trade.  (Repeat) NGC
06:00 PM
"Officers Under Siege"  Officers at Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa, Fla. put their lives on the line to keep inmates safe and under control.  (Repeat) NGC

``Lockdown'' plunges viewers headfirst into life in the ``big house,'' the gritty underworld of America's maximum-security prisons, where gangs are prevalent, predators stalk their next prey and inmates are armed with deadly weapons. But prison officials have their own weapons in the form of modern surveillance and old-time isolation -- plus steel batons and pepper spray -- to help keep the peace in these miniature war zones.

Current cast
Rodd Houston Eric Salazar

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