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The adventures of three young trainee engines. 

07:00 AM
"High Rise Rescue; The Old Silver Mine Line"  Hodge gets a new job cleaning high-rise building windows while Wilson gets some fire safety training.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Wilson and the Wild Wind; Brewster Goes Bananas"  Dunbar has a new training device; Brewster delivers feed to the park and returns with a stowaway monkey.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue"  It's time for the three trainees to move up to advanced training.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Training Time Harrison; Koko Pulls It Off"  The royal carriage needs to be pulled for the prince of Buffertonia; if trainees pass their test., they'll be able to carry passengers.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Jetpack Wilson; Famous Emery"  The trainees spend the day with Action Chugger; a TV crew comes to make a documentary about Chuggington.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Old Puffer Pete's Tour; Wilson's Smooth Move"  Old Puffer Pete is asked to accompany the chuggers as they make deliveries out of town; the chuggers learn how to carry passengers comfortably.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Back Up Brewster; Chief Wilson"  Brewster is learning to use the mega-chug crane, but but damage in the mine tunnel cuts his training time short.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 AM
"Hodge's Secret; Wilson Gets a Wish"  Hodge wants to be more self-sufficient, but Eddie never lets him do jobs by himself; the trainees are playing hide-and-seek and everybody has to say that Wilson is the best hidey-chugger ever.  (Repeat) DISN

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