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Amazing Wedding Cakes

Bakery employees churn out amazing confections. 

Christopher Garren (Host)

10:00 AM
"Cigar-Roo, Beehive, Art Deco"  A butter cream groom's cake is a combination of the groom's favorite cigars and his surprise trip to Australia; Cake Alchemy is presented with a beehive design for an engagement cake; Christopher Garren's Cakes ushers in the art deco period in cake.  (Repeat) FYISD
11:00 AM
"Elegant Monkeys; Sports Theme; Individual"  Mary and Brenda, from the Chicago's Cake Girls, team up to create an homage to the Cubs; elegant monkeys; the staff of the Cake Atelier must create 150 individual wedding cakes.  (Repeat) FYISD
07:00 AM
"Romantic; Unstacked; Bollywood"  Vintage cake inspired by a grandmother's dress; cake placed side by side instead of stacked; colorful cake with edible gold dust.  (Repeat) FYISD
08:00 AM
"Bridesmaids' Dresses, Winter Wonderland & BBQ Picnic Cakes"  Dress cakes that will replicate some of the bridesmaids dresses; winter wonderland cake with a hint of sparkle; BBQ picnic cake.  (Repeat) FYISD
Amazing Wedding Cakes

Staffers at four different bakeries create awe-inspiring (and gravity-defying) wedding cakes. Wielding spatulas and knives, they battle buttercream, fondant and ganache to come up with incredible pastry designs for all kinds of special occasions, though the focus in this series is, of course, on wedding cakes. From pirate ships to football helmets and cakes that look like mosaics, these designers go all out to make sure each creation is one of a kind.

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Christopher Garren

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