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Border Wars

U.S. border agents attempt to stop terrorism, drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. 

Bill Graves (Narrator)

10:00 AM
"River Standoff"  A search team races to rescue a mother and her son who were abandoned by smugglers in the brush.  (Repeat) NGC
11:00 AM
"Cocaine Sting"  The investigation of couple who are suspected human drug smugglers may lead back to a high-level supplier.  (Repeat) NGC
12:00 PM
"Smuggler's Stash"  A residence raid in a school zone over crack cocaine; underground narcotic bunkers; a nervous driver raises suspicion.  (Repeat) NGC
01:00 PM
"Weed Warehouse"  A high-speed chase leads to the discovery of a large amount of marijuana; agents identify a car that has been rebuilt to transport contraband.  (Repeat) NGC
02:00 PM
"Midnight Drug Run"  Airline passengers with counterfeit identification; a narcotic-laden boat bound for Florida; a raid in Puerto Rico.  (Repeat) NGC
03:00 PM
"City Under Siege"  A house run by suspected human smugglers is raided; a secret tunnel is uncovered; a global pandemic outbreak.  (Repeat) NGC
04:00 PM
"24-Hour Watch"  Border Patrol and local law enforcement stay on alert 24 hours a day in the battle to stop illegal drugs.  (Repeat) NGC
05:00 PM
"Death on the Rio Grande"  The agents discover a drowned teen in the Rio Grande; human smuggling operation; using thermal technology to detect illegal immigrants.  (Repeat) NGC
06:00 PM
"Meth Mobile"  The agents enlist the help of the A-Star surveillance helicopter to track a suspected smuggling ring.  (Repeat) NGC
Border Wars

Cameras follow the action along Arizona's Sonoran Desert, one of the busiest border crossings in the country, as officers and agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection fight terrorism, apprehend drug smugglers and intercept people entering the United States illegally. The series also embeds with Customs and Border Protection, and with local law enforcement, as units patrol near and on the border in South Texas.

Current cast
Bill Graves

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