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American Pickers

Antique and collectible hunters roam the country in search of rare finds. 

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz

Susan Werbe (Director)

05:00 PM
"Boys' Toys"  A Tennessee hoarder tries to clear out his log cabin home; Mike sets his sights on a horse; a robot collector's sci-fi man cave yields a mint-condition astronaut toy; Mike and Frank get VIP access to Billy's ten storage buildings.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:00 PM
"Traders of the Lost Parts"  The guys scour an extraordinary New Jersey collection; Mike finds a rare 1911 Harley motor he needs to complete a project; Dave's heavenly stockpile.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:00 PM
"Pam's Labyrinth"  Mike and Frank stumble upon a labyrinth of curious finds during a freestyle pick; the guys tour a vintage car company where the owner's entire collection of retro relics is for sale; the boys' crate of European treasure has landed in the states.  (Repeat) HISTORY
11:00 AM
"Big Bear"  Mike and Frank try to acquire a vintage carnival ride from a reluctant seller named Bear; 12-foot advertising sign of the iconic Philip Morris bellhop; World War II Japanese samurai sword; old saddle; vintage bike parts.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:00 PM
"Know When to Fold"  The guys are running low on cash and desperate for a good pick in the South; a nostalgic owner is reluctant to part with his treasures; collection of rare automobiles; famous cartoonist's sketchbook; pottery collection found in Atlanta.  (Repeat) HISTORY
12:30 PM
"Leland's Cafe"  Mike finds two rare bicycles after Danielle gets a sketchy lead about a collection owned by a reluctant seller; Mike and Frank come bearing a gift when they pay another visit to Leland.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:00 PM
"Not so Cheap Thrills"  Terry's staggering scrap yard; coin-op kings Gary and John; Frank takes a gamble on some old school peep show machines; Steve and Tom open up their massive collection of toy cars and trucks; Danielle gets an appraisal on the peep show item.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:00 PM
"The Elephant in the Room"  The guys visit a Maine taxidermist where Mike gambles big money on a huge elephant head; Danielle's search for a pachyderm-loving buyer leads to a wheelin' and dealin' rock'n'roll legend; George's Maine marine features great prices.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:00 PM
"Fast Eddie"  Mike and Frank pick the back roads of Minnesota; Danielle is challenged to sell a fiberglass cowboy boot; Fast Eddie has tons of unusual oversize treasures; a treasure-packed farmyard estate sale; Mike discovers a honey hole of rare bicycles.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:00 PM
"Picker Man Blues"  Tricky Dick's Tennessee yard; Mike goes hog-wild for a vintage pig ride; Mike and Frank visit a sprawling small-town museum.  (Repeat) HISTORY
American Pickers

``American Pickers,'' a companion to History's popular series ``Pawn Stars,'' follows childhood friends Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antiques collectors who travel the U.S. looking for rare artifacts and national treasures.

Current cast
Mike Wolfe Frank Fritz

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