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Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Chef Bobby Flay competes against local cooks. 

Bobby Flay (Host)

09:30 AM
"Mini Cup Cakes"  "Big Man Bakes" is the biggest little bakery in LA owned by William "Chip" Brown.  (Repeat) FOOD
09:30 AM
"Moussaka"  Moussaka that even the Greek Gods would envy; Greek chef Diane Kochilas vs Bobby Flay.  (Repeat) FOOD
Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Chef Bobby Flay travels around the United States and tries to beat award-winning cooks at their own game. While the unsuspecting cooks think they're participating in one Food Network special or another, Flay and his team study up on their opponent's dish and get in some practice. Then Flay and company surprise the cooks during a taping session, challenging them to what amounts to a cook-off -- Flay's team and the cooks each prepare the dish, which is taste-tested by a panel of impartial judges. The specialties can be anything -- wedding cakes, pizza, barbecue, pie and more. Sometimes Flay wins, and sometimes he loses. As he says, ``It's anybody's game.''

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Bobby Flay

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