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The Fox and the Hound (1981)

A fox cub and a puppy become fast friends, but circumstances pit them against each other when they are older. Animated. 

Mickey Rooney (Voice), Kurt Russell (Voice), Pearl Bailey (Voice), Jack Albertson (Voice), Sandy Duncan (Voice), Jeanette Nolan (Voice), Pat Buttram (Voice), John Fiedler (Voice), John Mcintire (Voice), Richard Bakalyan (Voice), Paul Winchell (Voice), Keith Coogan (Voice), Corey Feldman (Voice), Ted Berman (Director), Richard Rich (Director), Art Stevens (Director), Ted Berman (Writer), Larry Clemmons (Writer), Vance Gerry (Writer), Steve Hulett (Writer), Earl Kress (Writer), Burny Mattinson (Writer), David Michener (Writer), Peter Young (Writer), Ron Miller (Executive Producer), Wolfgang Reitherman (Producer), Art Stevens (Producer)

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