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Yard Crashers

Unsuspecting people receive landscape transformations. 

Matt Blashaw (Host), Ahmed Hassan (Host)

09:00 AM
"Sunken Outdoor Living Room"  A weedy backyard is turned into a Zen sanctuary.  (Repeat) DIY
09:30 AM
"Family Friendly Getaway"  A small and undesirable yard becomes a family friendly getaway.  (Repeat) DIY
10:00 AM
"Country French Backyard"  At large yard gets a fire feature, which matches a newly updated water feature.  (Repeat) DIY
10:30 AM
"Rustic Meets Yoga Retreat"  A narrow and weed filled yard gets a one of a kind water feature made from a steer head skull.  (Repeat) DIY
11:00 AM
"Retro Chic"  A small weed filled yard gets a one of a kind checkerboard hardscape.  (Repeat) DIY
11:30 AM
"Italian Inspired Outdoor Room"  An Italian inspired outdoor room features a pizza oven and a wet bar.  (Repeat) DIY
12:00 PM
"Modern Outdoor Party Yard"  A tiny yard is transformed with an outdoor grill station, a steel pergola covered with fabric and a cabana bed made from a trampoline.  (Repeat) DIY
12:30 PM
"Redwood Back Yard"  A backyard renovation begins with the removal of overgrown plants but retains the existing California redwood trees.  (Repeat) DIY
08:00 PM
"Tropical Pond Oasis"  A waterfall is built coming out of a seat wall and leading into a fish pond to create a tropical oasis with a cabana bar.  (Repeat) DIY
08:30 PM
"Caribbean Cabana"  A weed-filled backyard is transformed into a Caribbean oasis in just two days.  (Repeat) DIY
Yard Crashers

If you're lucky enough to run into an HGTV/DIY personality while shopping for grass seed, don't run the other way. The happenstance could be your ticket to a brand new backyard. Licensed landscape contractors search home improvement stores for weekend warriors who could use a pro's expertise. Willing participants are then followed home to commence the ``crash'' -- for two days, the landscape pro and his team of contractors and artisans completely remake the drab backyard into a relaxing retreat worth thousands of dollars. Ahmad Hassan, Matt Blashaw and Chris Lambton alternate as hosts.

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Matt Blashaw

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