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Kitchen Impossible

Creating a homeowner's dream kitchen. 

Marc Bartolomeo (Host)

08:00 AM
"The Duct Tape Dilemma"  Cindy and Josh's kitchen cabinets have suffered major water damage and are falling apart, but they don't know how to fix anything without using duct tape!  (Repeat) DIY
08:00 AM
"Picking Up the Pieces"  Kareem and Heather purchased a fixer-upper 3 years ago but were unaware of what they were getting themselves into.  (Repeat) DIY
Kitchen Impossible

The kitchen is the gathering point for most families, the welcome mat for visitors and the showpiece for a home on the market. So when it comes to making it just right, homeowners often end up overwhelmed, out of money and at their breaking point. In ``Kitchen Impossible,'' Marc Bartolomeo revives these on-life-support projects, using his vast experience as an electrician and carpenter to show homeowners that with a little creativity, hard work and patience, a dream kitchen is no longer an impossibility.

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Marc Bartolomeo

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