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Laverne & Shirley

Two young women tackle life on their own with a group of friends in 1950s Milwaukee. 

Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, Eddie Mekka, Phil Foster, David Lander, Michael Mckean, Betty Garrett, Carol ita White, Ed Marinaro, Leslie Easterbrook

Joel Zwick (Director), Tom Turbovitch (Director), Alan Rafkin (Director), Alan Myerson (Director), Dennis Klein (Director), Penny Marshall (Director), Howard Storm (Director), Carl Gottlieb (Director), Maurice Bar-david (Director), Ray Devalle (Director), James Burrows (Director), Lowell Ganz (Director), Michael Kidd (Director), Jay Sandrich (Director), John Lenox (Director), Howard Morris (Director), George Shimakawa (Director), Jerry Paris (Director), Tom Trbovich (Director), Garry Marshall (Director), Chris Thompson (Director), Paul Sills (Director), Gabrielle James (Director), Michael Mckean (Director), Phil Perez (Director), Gary Menteer (Director), Jack Winter (Director), Jim Burroughs (Director), Cindy Williams (Director), Marlena Laird (Director), Frank Alesia (Director), Linda Mcmurray (Director), Arthur Silver (Director), John Tracy (Director), Frank Alesa (Director)

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Laverne & Shirley

Best friends, roommates and polar opposites Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney work together at the Shotz Brewery in Milwaukee and keep each other's spirits up at home for the show's first several seasons. But after losing their jobs at Shotz, the pair moves to Burbank, Calif., in season six to get a fresh start and hope to break into the movie business. Many of their friends and family, inspired by the women, move to California with them, though they make some new friends as well, including Sonny the stuntman and Rhonda, a model.

Current cast
Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio
Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney
Eddie Mekka as Carmine Ragusa
Phil Foster as Frank De Fazio
David Lander as Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman
Michael Mckean as Lenny Kosnowski
Betty Garrett as Mrs. Edna Babish De Fazio
Carol ita White as Rosie Greenbaum
Ed Marinaro as Sonny St. Jacques
Leslie Easterbrook as Rhonda Lee

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