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A university football coach balances life at work and at home. 

Craig Nelson, Jerry Van dyke, Shelley Fabares, Clare Carey, Bill Fagerbakke, Kris Kamm, Pam Stone, Kenneth Kimmins, Katherine Helmond, Clare Kelly, Jennifer Van dyke, J.j.

Barry Kemp (Executive Producer), Craig Nelson (Executive Producer), Mark Ganzel (Executive Producer), Brad Johnson (Executive Producer), Jay Kleckner (Producer), Ellen Sandler (Producer), Cindy Chupack (Producer), Barry Kemp (Director), Jay Kleckner (Director), Jeff Meyer (Director), Gordon Hunt (Director), Tony Dow (Director), Craig Nelson (Director), Bill Fraley (Director), James Gardner (Director), Gary Shimokawa (Director), Ted Wass (Director), John Peaslee (Executive Producer), Judd Pillot (Executive Producer), Nell Scovell (Producer), Alan Rafkin (Director), Sheldon Bull (Producer), John Whitesell (Director), Michael Lembeck (Director), Sheldon Bull (Executive Producer), Judd Pillot (Producer), John Peaslee (Producer), Jack Kleckner (Producer), Alan Raskin (Director), M. Vetrie (Director), Arlene Sanford (Director), Andy Chulack (Director), Alan Rifkin (Director), Michael Zinberg (Director), Jim Drake (Director), M. Zinberg (Director), Will Mackenzie (Director)

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Hayden Fox is a football coach, the head coach of Minnesota State University's Screaming Eagles for much of the series' run. He has to contend with a team that has seen better days, a couple of none-too-bright assistant coaches, a partner who isn't half as obsessed with football, and all the rest of the situations that come along in Big Ten athletics. For the show's final two seasons, Fox coaches an expansion team in the NFL.

Current cast
Craig Nelson as Hayden Fox
Jerry Van dyke as Luther Van Dam
Shelley Fabares as Christine Armstrong Fox
Clare Carey as Kelly Fox
Bill Fagerbakke as Dauber Dybinski
Kris Kamm as Stuart Rosebrock
Pam Stone as Judy Watkins
Kenneth Kimmins as Howard Burleigh
Katherine Helmond as Doris Sherman

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