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Ugly Americans

A social worker for the Department of Integration helps new citizens adapt to life in the Big Apple. 

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Ugly Americans

The title of ``social worker'' doesn't seem to justly describe Mark Lilly's job. Perhaps ``social miracle worker'' comes closer. He's the central figure in this animated horror-comedy series, set at the Department of Integration in New York, where Lilly begins the process of helping new citizens -- both human and ``other'' -- adapt to life in the Big Apple. Providing as little help as possible are his co-workers, including demonic bureaucrat Twayne, drunken wizard Leonard Powers, surly law enforcement head Frank Grimes and succubus Callie Maggotbone, Lilly's casual fling.

Current cast
Matt Oberg as Mark Lilly
Kurt Metzger as Randall Skeffington
Natasha Leggero as Callie Maggotbone
Randy Pearlstein as Leonard Powers
Michael-leon Wooley as Twayne
Larry Murphy as Lt. Frank Grimes

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