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Zeke and Luther

Two best friends embark on a quest to become world famous skateboarders. 

03:00 PM
"Bro, Where's Our Car?"  Zeke and Luther's car gets towed away just before they are booked to drive around a baseball field in it.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Skate Video Awards"  The boys are thrilled to hear the International Skate Awards will be held in Gilroy this year. Manager Eddie gives them his credit card to pay for a publicity video.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Skater Girl Island"  Zeke and Luther must find the ultimate skate girl. Hayley Kiyoko guest stars.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Trucky Cheese"  After Zeke and Luther destroy Carl's new scooter, they attempt to repay their debt by selling cheese smoothies out of Carl's old food truck. Zeke and Luther must compete with the onion truck connoisseur, Johnnie Ray King for food truck turf.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Accidental Hero"  Zeke is on a winning streak and Luther feels like he's living in his shadow so Zeke lets him take the credit for rescuing a baby.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"The Gingernator"  Zeke and Luther transform Ginger's personality to get back at her.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Bro'd Trip"  Zeke faces skating champion, CJ Stone, in the Tempe Skate International Tournament.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Kojo Loses His Mojo"  Zeke and Kojo get ready for the Crosstown Showdown rematch and Luther housesits for Jumpsuit Johnson.  (Repeat) DXD
03:00 PM
"Skate or Swim"  Zeke and Luther meet a talented skateboarder and decide to become his manager, but his dreams are different from theirs.  (Repeat) DXD
Zeke and Luther

Lifelong buddies Zeke and Luther take their play seriously: The 15-year-olds are hellbent on becoming world famous skateboarders, and though that goal is far from being realized, if ever, the boys continue to dream big and their focus is not sidetracked by naysayers and wipeouts.

Current cast
Hutch Dano as Zeke
Adam Hicks as Luther
Ryan Newman as Ginger
Daniel curtis Lee as Kojo

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