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Diagnosis Murder

"Rear Windows 98"

A killer stalks Amanda via computer after she witnesses a murder over the Internet. Guest star: Jennifer Ringley.  (Repeat)

Sun 3/1 3:00 PM  HMMHD
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Crime Drama, Mystery, Medical, Drama, Mystery and Suspense, Interests

Dick Van dyke, Victoria Rowell, Barry Van dyke, Charlie Schlatter, Ellen Blain (Guest Star), Jeff Maynard (Guest Star), Clifton Gonzalez gonzalez (Guest Star), Jennifer Ringley (Guest Star), Rick Cramer (Guest Star), Kim Little (Guest Star)

Fred Silverman (Executive Producer), Dean Hargrove (Executive Producer), Tom Chehak (Executive Producer), Dick Van dyke (Executive Producer), Vincent Mceveety (Director), Jacquelyn Blain (Writer)

03:00 PM
"Rear Windows 98"  A killer stalks Amanda via computer after she witnesses a murder over the Internet. Guest star: Jennifer Ringley.  (Repeat) HMMHD
04:00 PM
"The Last Resort"  Steve and his new partner are locked away in a clinic after Steve's questionable shooting of a rape suspect.  (Repeat) HMMHD
05:00 PM
"Murder X 4"  Mark and Steve find a common thread within three seemingly random murders in the L.A. area and must solve the mystery before a fourth is committed.  (Repeat) HMMHD
06:00 PM
"Dead in the Water"  Jesse and Susan break down in a small village and are accused of murdering a man whom Susan presumed was killed years ago.  (Repeat) HMMHD
07:00 PM
"Trapped in Paradise"  Steve and a tabloid reporter go under cover to find out who has been killing the residents of an idyllic community.  (Repeat) HMMHD
08:00 PM
"Voices Carry"  Mark helps an old nemesis escape a forced retirement by Capt. Newman by investigating a murder which resembles the work of the "Clown Killer.".  (Repeat) HMMHD
09:00 PM
"Murder, My Suite"  Mark, Jesse and Amanda are among the guests present at an elegant hotel that has been deliberately contaminated with a deadly microbe.  (Repeat) HMMHD
10:00 PM
"Murder on the Hour"  In an episode that elapses in real time, Mark and Steve must catch a serial killer in the hospital before the clock strikes nine.  (Repeat) HMMHD
11:00 PM
"Rescue Me"  When Jesse rescues a beautiful woman, he inadvertently becomes the object of her deadly obsession. With Dick Van Dyke.  (Repeat) HMMHD
12:00 AM
"Down Among the Dead Men"  A gunman leaves notes prior to committing crimes, baiting Steve over and over again. With Dick Van Dyke.  (Repeat) HMMHD
Diagnosis Murder

Dr. Mark Sloan is chief of Internal Medicine at Community General Hospital -- and sometime consultant to the local police department. When he's drawn into a case, he combines sleuthing and medicine to solve the crime. That crime is usually one his detective son, Steve, is working on as a member of the local police department. Dr. Sloan's medical colleagues, including doctors Amanda Bentley, Jack Stewart and Jesse Travis, are also frequently drawn into his investigations.

Current cast
Dick Van dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan
Barry Van dyke as Det. Steve Sloan
Victoria Rowell as Amanda Bentley Livingston
Charlie Schlatter as Dr. Jesse Travis

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