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Extreme Couponing

"April & Carla"

April feeds her family and 200 parishioners for a month for under $100; Carla shops to feed 20 guests.  (Repeat)

Sat 4/4 2:30 PM  TLC
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Interests

01:00 PM
"Chris & Joni"  Chris and Ashley are extreme donators; Joni is back with her "coupontourage".  (Repeat) TLC
01:30 PM
"Missy & Nicole"  Missy plans to get toothbrushes and other supplies to donate to a center that helps teen moms; single mother Nicole is able to keep her daughter in dance lessons because of couponing.  (Repeat) TLC
02:00 PM
"Callie & Kelly"  Callie's family lives off student loans and couponing; Kelly plans a back-to-school shopping trip.  (Repeat) TLC
02:30 PM
"April & Carla"  April feeds her family and 200 parishioners for a month for under $100; Carla shops to feed 20 guests.  (Repeat) TLC
03:00 PM
"Scott & Jen"  Scott gets ready for the last shopping trip before his wife goes into labor; Jen uses couponing to home school her twins.  (Repeat) TLC
03:30 PM
"Krista & Amanda"  Pregnant couponer Krista finds coupons in the trash; shopaholic Amanda must get all the food for her sister's baby shower for less than $60.  (Repeat) TLC
04:00 PM
"Julie & Faatima"  Julie has the chance to coupon for a job; Faatima is determined to get healthy and loose weight.  (Repeat) TLC
04:30 PM
"Missy & Amy"  Missy plans to save more than $50 using coupons; Amy plans to buy more than $400 worth of groceries for under $10.  (Repeat) TLC
05:00 PM
"Tai and Tarin & Nathan"  Identical twins Tai and Tarin get birthday freebies; Nathan prepares 1,000 military care packages.  (Repeat) TLC
05:30 PM
"Michelle & Kelly"  Michelle clears supermarket shelves when she finds a good deal; Kelly supports her entire family on just $25,000 a year.  (Repeat) TLC
Extreme Couponing

There's saving a few dollars here and there by clipping coupons ... and then there's the ``super couponers'' profiled in this series. They share why they are so driven by finding the best deals and show the amazing ways in which they collect coupons, including one woman who sifts through dumpsters for them. Their shopping skills are first-rate as well, using those clippings to stockpile thousands of dollars in merchandise for a fraction of the cost.

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