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Bubble Guppies

"Bubble Bites"

The Bubble Guppies head to the supermarket to shop for fruits, vegetables and a box of Bubble Bites for Bubble Puppy.  (Repeat)

Tue 9/1 5:00 PM  NICJR
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-Y
Kids, Educational, Animated, Interests

05:00 PM
"Good Morning, Mr. Grumpfish!"  The children try to teach Mr. Grumpfish about their favorite things when he is their substitute teacher.  (Repeat) NICJR
05:30 PM
"Bubble Scrubbies!"  The Guppies perform a "soap opera" to teach Mr. Grouper about good hygiene.  (Repeat) NICJR
02:00 PM
"Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?"  When an actor cannot perform at a play, Deema must take the stage.  (Repeat) NICJR
02:30 PM
"Bubble-Cadabra!"  The Guppies stand in for a magician and attempt to make an elephant disappear.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 PM
"The Bubble Bee-athalon!"  The Guppies must work together to turn nectar into honey for the queen bee's tea time.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:30 PM
"The Police Cop-etition!"  Officer Miranda teaches Gil and the other children how police officers use laws to keep people safe.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 AM
"A Tooth on the Looth!"  Deema has a loose tooth; the Guppies learn about keeping a healthy smile.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:30 AM
"Fishketball!"  The Guppies prepare for a game of fishketball by practicing bouncing, throwing, catching and playing together as a team.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 PM
"The Super Ballet Bowl!"  Molly and the Guppies want to learn how to tell a story through dance.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:30 PM
"The Beach Ball!"  Molly's friend needs the Guppies' help to finish her work in time to attend the Big Beach Ball.  (Repeat) NICJR
Bubble Guppies

``Bubble Guppies'' takes the phrase ``school of fish'' literally as fish-tailed preschoolers attend school in an underwater classroom. Children learn about topics such as science, math and literacy through original music. Among the characters featured on the show are turbocharged Gil, leader Molly and drama queen Deema.

Current cast
Jacob Bertrand as Gil (Speaking)
Teddy Walsh as Gil (Singing)
Bailey Gambertoglio as Molly (Speaking)
Brianna Gentilella as Molly (Singing)
Tori Feinstein as Oona
Tino Insana as Mr. Grouper (Speaking)
Chris Phillips as Mr. Grouper (Singing)
Jet Jurgensmeyer as Nonny
Grace Kaufman as Deema
Mia Vavassuer as Little Fish

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