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Iron Chef America

"Forgione vs. Curtin"

Iron Chef Marc Forgione battles chef Nick Curtin.  (Repeat)

Sat 8/8 4:00 AM  FOOD
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-G
Cooking, Interests

Mark Dacascos (Host)

04:00 AM
"Forgione Vs. Waxman"  Iron Chef Marc Forgione plays the role of sous chef to his father, Larry Forgione, as the two take on culinary legend and close family friend chef Jonathan Waxman.  (Repeat) FOOD
04:00 AM
"Zakarian vs Schenker"  Chef Geoffrey Zakarian against chef Jesse Schenker.  (Repeat) FOOD
04:00 AM
"Flay vs. Stein"  Windy City vs. the Big Apple; Chicago Chef Todd Stein takes on Iron Chef Bobby Flay.  (Repeat) FOOD
04:00 AM
"Forgione vs. Curtin"  Iron Chef Marc Forgione battles chef Nick Curtin.  (Repeat) FOOD
Iron Chef America

Based upon the format of the original Japanese version of ``Iron Chef,'' the series features a Kitchen Stadium filled with culinary equipment. At the beginning of the episode, an outside challenger chooses one of Kitchen Stadium's resident chefs to compete against. Then the host unveils a ``secret ingredient,'' which the competing chefs must incorporate into each dish they create.

Current cast
Mark Dacascos

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