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Deadly Women

Profiling female serial killers. 

Lynnanne Zager (Narrator)

08:00 AM
"Thrill Killers"  Jealousy leads to the murder of a 12-year-old girl; a teenager opens fire on a schoolyard because she doesn't like Mondays; a killer is driven by blood lust.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Twisted Minds"  In Pennsylvania, a mentally disturbed woman opens fire on shoppers at a mall; depression drives a woman to smother her children to death; a Florida nurse murders 12 nursing home residents.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Blood for Money"  In Oneonta, N.Y., two women murder a co-worker to collect on the life insurance policy they had taken out on him; a woman conspires to murder her husband, a self-made millionaire; a woman kills babies while taking money from their mothers.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"An Eye for an Eye"  The path toward revenge can lead to murder.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Teen Terror"  When emotional changes start to become overwhelming the results can be bad.  (Repeat) ID
02:00 PM
"Catch Me If You Can"  Jean Ann James evades justice for 16 years after slashing her friend's throat; Annie Monahan gets away with murder in the early 1900s; Linda Darby escapes from prison and spends 35 years on the lam.  (Repeat) ID
03:00 PM
"Never Too Young"  In Nevada, a teenager and her boyfriend beat a 16-year-old girl to death with a shovel; a 12-year-old girl stabs a teenager to death.  (Repeat) ID
04:00 PM
"Second Best"  A call girl craves the good life; a teenage mother gets rid of a rival; a lesbian love affair tears a family apart.  (Repeat) ID
Deadly Women

Using dramatic re-enactments bolstered by police reports and forensic evidence, Investigation Discovery delves into the minds of female killers in ``Deadly Women.'' Each episode focuses on four different cases in which women, for a variety of reasons and with a variety of methods, chose to take the lives of others. Stories featured include more recent cases, like that of Andrea Yates, the Texas woman who in 2001 drowned her five children one by one in the bathtub and then called police, to older cases like that of the ``baby farmer'' Sarah Makin in 1890s Australia, who killed illegitimate infants left temporarily in her care.

Current cast
Lynnanne Zager

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