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My Wife and Kids

"Outbreak Monkey"

Flu germs jeopardize Michael's chance to see basketball star LeBron James shoot hoops at Madison Square Garden.  (Repeat)

Tue 6/30 1:00 PM  MTV2
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Damon Wayans, Tisha Campbell-martin, George o. Gore ii, Jennifer Freeman, Parker mckenna Posey, Noah Gray-cabey, Andrew Mcfarlane, Brooklyn Sudano, Lebron James (Guest Star), T.j. Thyne (Guest Star), Phil Reeves (Guest Star), Christopher Lorey (Guest Star)

Damon Wayans (Executive Producer), Don Reo (Executive Producer), David Himelfarb (Executive Producer), Eric Gold (Executive Producer), Dean Lorey (Executive Producer), Kerry Parker (Writer), George o. Gore ii (Director)

01:00 PM
"Outbreak Monkey"  Flu germs jeopardize Michael's chance to see basketball star LeBron James shoot hoops at Madison Square Garden.  (Repeat) MTV2
01:30 PM
"Empty Nest"  Michael and Jay look back on the fun times they have had.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:00 PM
"Empty Nest"  Alone in the house, Michael and Jay reminisce about the fun times they have had with their children and friends.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:30 PM
"Calvin Comes to Stay"  When Vanessa's father, Calvin, is kicked out by his wife and comes to stay with the Kyles, Michael must devise a plan to make him return home.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:00 PM
"Calvin Goes to Work"  Michael reluctantly hires Vanessa's dad, Calvin, but his work ethic leaves Michael searching for a way to fire him; Claire gets Franklin to help her with a science paper.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:30 PM
"Romantic Night"  Michael's plan for a romantic evening with Jay goes awry when Junior accidentally cancels their hotel reservations.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:00 PM
"The Director"  Michael records over a video of Kady's first steps, then enlists Franklin's help, before home-movie night, to re-enact the moment.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:30 PM
"The Maid"  While Jay is away, Michael hires a maid whose painstaking attention to the family's every need leaves Jay feeling a little threatened.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:00 PM
"Hand Model"  Michael is recruited as a hand model during Claire's modeling audition; Franklin feels threatened by Kady's friendship with Rachel and decides to do something about it.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:30 PM
"What Do You Know?"  A question-and-answer game reveals that the couples may not know as much about their significant others as they thought.  (Repeat) MTV2
My Wife and Kids

Michael Kyle is a man on a tragically funny quest for the perfect ``traditional'' family while his wife searches for her own path in life.

Current cast
Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle
Tisha Campbell-martin as Janet ``Jay'' Kyle
George o. Gore ii as Michael Kyle Jr.
Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle
Parker mckenna Posey as Kady Kyle
Noah Gray-cabey as Franklin Aloysius Mumford
Andrew Mcfarlane as Tony
Brooklyn Sudano as Vanessa Scott

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