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My Wife and Kids

"Outbreak Monkey"

Flu germs jeopardize Michael's chance to see basketball star LeBron James shoot hoops at Madison Square Garden.  (Repeat)

Fri 4/24 9:30 PM  MTV2
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

Damon Wayans, Tisha Campbell-martin, George o. Gore ii, Jennifer Freeman, Parker mckenna Posey, Noah Gray-cabey, Andrew Mcfarlane, Brooklyn Sudano, Lebron James (Guest Star), T.j. Thyne (Guest Star), Phil Reeves (Guest Star), Christopher Lorey (Guest Star)

Damon Wayans (Executive Producer), Don Reo (Executive Producer), David Himelfarb (Executive Producer), Eric Gold (Executive Producer), Dean Lorey (Executive Producer), Kerry Parker (Writer), George o. Gore ii (Director)

02:21 PM
"The Funeral"  Michael's grief-stricken employee asks Kady to kiss his dead grandmother goodbye at the funeral.  (Repeat) MTV2
02:54 PM
"Ultrasound"  Vanessa and Jr. prepare for their first ultrasound, and the grandparents-to-be go to extremes to find out the sex of the baby; Franklin is worried that Kady will dump him for Willie K.  (Repeat) MTV2
03:28 PM
"Marathon"  Jay and Michael decide to compete in the New York City Marathon, but Michael does not see the need to adopt Jay's training regimen.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:00 PM
"While Out"  Claire throws a wild party in her parents' absence; a drunken Tony runs naked through the neighborhood.  (Repeat) MTV2
04:30 PM
"Michael's Band"  When Michael's former bandmate comes to town for a gig, Michael agrees to sit in as the band's piano player.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:00 PM
"The Lady Is Not a Tramp"  Michael fears the worst when he discovers condoms in Claire's backpack; Jr. accidentally gives Kady a dose of dog medicine.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:30 PM
"Of Mice and Man"  When Jay finds mouse droppings, she demands that Michael hire an exterminator, but Michael is determined to handle it himself; Claire accidentally runs over a squirrel while driving home.  (Repeat) MTV2
07:00 PM
"Moving on Out"  The condition and location of Jr.'s new apartment shocks Jay, who cannot believe her new grandchild might live there.  (Repeat) MTV2
07:30 PM
"Candy Wars"  Michael loses sight of his daughter in his quest to sell the most chocolate bars during a school candy drive.  (Repeat) MTV2
08:00 PM
"Jr. Sells His Car"  Jr. and Vanessa shock everyone by selling the Impala after they finish restoring it; Franklin asks Michael how he can act more like a normal kid.  (Repeat) MTV2
My Wife and Kids

Michael Kyle is a man on a tragically funny quest for the perfect ``traditional'' family while his wife searches for her own path in life.

Current cast
Damon Wayans as Michael Kyle
Tisha Campbell-martin as Janet ``Jay'' Kyle
George o. Gore ii as Michael Kyle Jr.
Jennifer Freeman as Claire Kyle
Parker mckenna Posey as Kady Kyle
Noah Gray-cabey as Franklin Aloysius Mumford
Andrew Mcfarlane as Tony
Brooklyn Sudano as Vanessa Scott

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