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True Life

Documentaries of young people. 

02:30 PM
"True Life: Checkups and Check-ins"  Checking in with former participants who have faced health crises.  (Repeat) MTV
03:40 PM
"Save My Teen Marriage"  Couples who are ready to end their relationships after marrying too early re-evaluate their situations.  (Repeat) MTV
04:50 PM
"I Have a High Maintenance Girlfriend"  Two men want to stand up to their demanding girlfriends without damaging their relationships.  (Repeat) MTV
06:00 PM
"I'm Having Second Thoughts"  Exploring the lives of two young men who are at a crossroads as they second guess the life paths they have chosen.  (Repeat) MTV
True Life

This acclaimed documentary series provides viewers with a first-person perspective on unseen parts of society and its subcultures, offering glimpses into the lives of people involved in everything from politics to pornography and cheerleading.

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