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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

An inside look at the personal dramas that affect Atlanta housewives' affluent lifestyles. 

Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss, Nene Leakes, Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan, Demetria Mckinney, Porsha Stewart, Kim Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield, Lisa Hartwell, Deshawn Snow

Steven Weinstock (Executive Producer), Glenda Hersh (Executive Producer), Lauren Eskelin (Executive Producer), Carlos King (Executive Producer), Lorraine Haughton (Executive Producer), Matt Anderson (Executive Producer), Marcia Mulé (Executive Producer), Andy Cohen (Host)

06:30 AM
"Bury the Ratchet"  Todd reprimands the staff at the Kandi Factory, forcing Kandi to choose between her husband and her team members; now that Apollo has come clean, Kenya hopes to mend fences until NeNe suggests there may be a shocking twist to the Kenya-Apollo saga.  (Repeat) BRAVO
07:30 AM
"Friend or Faux"  Claudia starts to open up about her troubled family history; Kandi organizes a dinner to give everyone a chance to resolve their differences, but Phaedra and Kenya skirmish yet again; NeNe and Cynthia come face to face for the first time in months.  (Repeat) BRAVO
08:30 AM
"Make-Ups and Breakdowns"  Cynthia and NeNe try to make amends; Phaedra keeps her mind off of Apollo by delving into work; Cynthia makes her comeback on the runway during New York Fashion Week; Kandi treks to the Big Apple to visit Todd's mother, Sharon.  (Repeat) BRAVO
09:30 AM
"Nice to Metria"  Cynthia collaborates with singer Demetria McKinney in order to take her music career to the next level; Kenya meets with movie producer Roger Bobb; Phaedra receives advice on how to tell her sons about Apollo's jail sentence.  (Repeat) BRAVO
10:30 AM
"Tea With a Side of Squashed Beef"  Todd suggests a solution to Kandi on how to keep the peace with her family; Phaedra looks ahead to life as a single parent; Kenya looks for office space and agrees to a sit-down with NeNe, Cynthia and Porsha, which ends in a surprising way.  (Repeat) BRAVO
11:30 AM
"50 Shades of Shade"  Cynthia and Peter hunt for a location for Bar One; Phaedra continues to move on with her life while she and Apollo are living under the same roof; Kandi hosts a sex-and-relationships party, bringing together NeNe and Claudia for the first time.  (Repeat) BRAVO
12:30 PM
"Puerto Read-Co!"  Demetria confides in NeNe and Phaedra but questions Phaedra's sincerity; after the women arrive in Puerto Rico, NeNe and Claudia get into an argument.  (Repeat) BRAVO
01:30 PM
"Divide and Ki-Ki"  NeNe and Claudia's differences come to a head at the dinner table, dividing the group; Kandi hosts a beach party to unite the women, but the peace is short lived.  (Repeat) BRAVO
02:30 PM
"Beauties in the Fast Lane"  NeNe mulls over the division in the group; Cynthia comes to the realization that her friendship with NeNe is over; Kandi and Todd visit a doctor to discuss the possibility of infertility; Phaedra faces up to the reality of Apollo's return to prison.  (Repeat) BRAVO
03:30 PM
"The Countdown Begins"  Kandi gets unfortunate news about her stage play, "A Mother's Love"; Kenya pitches ideas for a TV pilot to producer Roger Bobb; Apollo begins to unravel as his date to report to prison draws near, causing Phaedra to fear for her family's safety.  (Repeat) BRAVO
The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Atlanta housewives continue to live their fabulous lives in Georgia's capital city in this incarnation of the popular reality TV franchise. Relationships, a staple of the ``Real Housewives'' shows, take center stage as usual as the ladies' love lives experience ups and downs. The sassy women's entrepreneurial spirits are also in full bloom as they juggle their personal and professional lives, along with their busy personal calendars.

Current cast
Cynthia Bailey Phaedra Parks Kandi Burruss Nene Leakes Kenya Moore Claudia Jordan Demetria Mckinney

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