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Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims. 

John Langley (Executive Producer), Morgan Langley (Producer), Jim Langley (Producer)

02:21 AM
"Ohio Drug Arrests Special Edition"  A suspect leads a Cincinnati officer into a dead end; an unusual domestic-disturbance call.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
09:00 AM
"Mardi Gras '04 No. 1"  A man is arrested in New Orleans for flashing himself to get beads; an officer has a transsexual cover her exposed breast; an officer responds to a report of a couple copulating in public.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
10:00 AM
"Jacksonville"  Police try to link a gun to a suspect; a man says his uncle stabbed him; a man says his daughter skipped school and smoked marijuana.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
10:30 AM
"Palm Springs, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Palm Beach, FL: Coast to Coast"  An extremely drunk driver in Palm Springs; a routine stop reveals much in Pittsburgh.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
11:00 AM
"Seattle/Tacoma"  A driver crashes his vehicle after an officer tries to pull him over; an elderly woman is involved in a hit-and-run.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
12:00 PM
Cops Cameras catch police in action as they confront crime and comfort victims.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
12:30 PM
"Coast to Coast"  When officers see a driver fail to signal a lane change, they attempt to pull him over and a high-speed chase ensues.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
01:00 PM
"Stupid Criminals"  A suspect trying to evade officers causes a crash involving a patrol car and two parked cars; a suspect's family shows tough love.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
01:30 PM
"Coast to Coast"  A police officer pursues a speeding motorcycle; an officer apprehends a suspect with a loaded rifle in the back seat of his vehicle.  (Repeat) SPIKETV
02:00 PM
"Jacksonville"  The vice unit arrests an alleged drug dealer; a sheriff arrests three suspects for burglarizing a change machine.  (Repeat) SPIKETV

Bad boys, watcha gonna do? This series features police officers, constables and sheriff's deputies patrolling streets for car thieves, drug pushers, sex-trade workers, violent thugs and anyone else who dares step onto the wrong side of the law. There's no music, no scripted dialogue, no narration -- just sometimes gritty videos of cops in action during patrols and other police activities. In addition to following officers in 140 different U.S. cities, action has also been documented abroad in the former Soviet Union, Hong Kong and London.

John Langley (Executive Producer) , Morgan Langley (Producer) , Jim Langley (Producer)

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