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Teen Mom 2

Four girls from "16 and Pregnant" face the challenges of their first years of motherhood. 

01:01 AM
"Keep Your Head Up"  Ali will need to use a wheelchair; Jo and Kailyn fight about Isaac's drop-off; Jenelle and Nathan decide to cohabit.  (Repeat) MTV
02:01 AM
"Working Overtime"  Jenelle moves in with Nathan; Chelsea invites Adam to pick up Aubree from pre-school; Kailyn and Javi put in an offer on a house.  (Repeat) MTV
12:42 AM
"These Are the Days"  Kailyn has a meltdown; Leah and Jeremy meet with Corey to discuss Ali starting school; Aubree meets Adam's baby; Jenelle learns a plea bargain may be possible.  (Repeat) MTV
01:50 AM
"Breakdown"  Adam sends Chelsea a visitation request; Jenelle undergoes surgery; Kailyn goes for a fitting for her wedding dress; Leah and Corey support Ali on her first day of school.  (Repeat) MTV
03:00 AM
"Miss You Much"  Aubree attends her first dance class; Jeremy and Leah disagree; Jenelle and Barbara argue about Barb's fight with Nathan; Kailyn realizes her mother will not attend her wedding.  (Repeat) MTV
04:00 AM
"We Belong Together"  Kailyn and Javi celebrate their wedding; Chelsea graduates from esthetician school; Jenelle accepts a plea; Jeremy turns down a local job.  (Repeat) MTV
05:00 AM
"Out of the Blue"  Javi takes Isaac to Jo's; Adam responds to Chelsea's objection; Ali tests her wheelchair; Leah struggles with Jeremy's absence; Jenelle and Nathan get exciting news.  (Repeat) MTV
06:00 AM
"What You See Is Not What You Get"  Kailyn's baby is born; Chelsea struggles with the visitation agreement; Leah and Jeremy focus on their relationship; Jenelle is pregnant.  (Repeat) MTV
07:15 AM
"That's the Way Love Goes"  Javi returns to work, leaving Kailyn with the children; Jo finds a new apartment; things get worse between Nathan and Jenelle; Chelsea receives news about Adam; Leah learns the cause of Ali's illness.  (Repeat) MTV
08:30 AM
"Keep It Together"  Jenelle learns the gender of her baby; Ali becomes aware of her condition; Kailyn strives to raise two children and maintain her marriage; Chelsea receives unexpected news.  (Repeat) MTV
Teen Mom 2

``Teen Mom 2'' follows four girls from the second season of MTV's documentary series ``16 and Pregnant'' as they face the challenges of their first years of motherhood. Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah are seen trying to come to grips with the myriad responsibilities that come with caring for a child, and doing so while worrying about such things as finances, living arrangements, graduating from high school, family support (or lack thereof) and the role of the baby's father.

Current cast
Jenelle Evans Chelsea Houska Kailyn Lowry Leah Messer

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