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Kitchen Cousins

Cousins Anthony and John are passionate about designing and building dream kitchens. 

10:00 AM
"This Kitchen is Too Hot and Needs a Spice Rack"  A hot, crowded kitchen becomes a functional space.  (Repeat) DIY
10:30 AM
"The Built-In Family Relic and the New Kitchen Dilemma"  A single woman must make a choice about an heirloom built-in.  (Repeat) DIY
11:00 AM
"Buy First, Design Later"  A woman orders appliances and cabinets prior to the renovation and the cousins must work with what they have.  (Repeat) DIY
11:30 AM
"Put a Window in a Wall"  A claustrophobic kitchen is updated to accommodate two families living in the same house.  (Repeat) DIY
12:00 PM
"Leave It to the Professionals"  The guys must restore a kitchen after a homeowner knocks down a wall.  (Repeat) DIY
12:30 PM
"Cousins Impossible"  John and Anthony must transform a restaurant kitchen prior to its reopening.  (Repeat) DIY
01:00 PM
"Illusions of Grandeur"  The cousins devise a way to make a tiny kitchen feel bigger and function better.  (Repeat) DIY
01:30 PM
"Tuscan Surprise"  A man wants to celebrate his wife's memories of cooking with her father by creating a Tuscan-inspired kitchen.  (Repeat) DIY
02:00 PM
"Honey, I Sunk the Kitchen"  When a kitchen ceiling crashes down, a homeowner takes the opportunity to get the kitchen of her dreams.  (Repeat) DIY
02:30 PM
"The Ellen Show/Kitchen Cousins Giveaway"  Ellen Degeneres surprises one of her viewers with a Miami vacation, at which time the cousins remodel their home.  (Repeat) DIY
Kitchen Cousins

Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri work together in their family's New Jersey construction company, where the focus is on home construction and restorations. The guys' passion, however, lies in designing and building dream kitchens, and it's those projects that are profiled on this series. John's background in design helps the cousins come up with a plan that suits the needs of each client, keeping in mind the kitchen is the one place a family spends most of its time, and once the remodeling begins, the guys try their best to refurbish the old and mix it with the new.

Current cast
Anthony Carrino John Colaneri

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