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Sins & Secrets

An exploration of how people and communities are changed by crimes that occur in their midst. 

Steve Kroft ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Lesley Stahl ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Scott Pelley ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Katie Couric ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Morley Safer ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Bob Simon ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Lara Logan ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Byron Pitts ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Anderson Cooper ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Charlie Rose ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Andy Rooney ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Jeffrey Woods (Director)

11:00 AM
"Hilo"  Investigators found Dana Ireland dying in Hilo's secluded jungle.  (Repeat) ID
12:00 PM
"Fresno"  In 2003, after losing his job, Tim Schuster disappeared. Involved in a difficult divorce his friends feared suicide until police found his body partially dissolved in hydrochloric acid.  (Repeat) ID
01:00 PM
"With This Ring, I Thee Kill"  A local firefighter is beaten to death and set on fire in his own house and police believe someone close to him is responsible.  (Repeat) ID

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