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Unusual Suspects

Detectives discuss some of toughest investigations and how justice was served. 

Mocean Melvin (Narrator)

02:00 AM
"Left Alone"  There is no sign of a break-in when 13-year-old Mollie Pittman is attacked and murdered in the Orlando, Fla., home of family friends; it takes investigators 17 years to find out whether she knew her killer.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Random Act of Madness"  A man goes out to get a beer and is shot to death; years later a cold case and a guilty conscience bring the killer to justice.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"High School Homicide"  A student is brutally murdered while at home sick.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Death Comes Calling"  Beloved grandparents are found murdered; the investigators uncover a shocking secret behind the community's first homicide.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Pure Evil"  The body of a woman from Chicago is found on a highway in Wisconsin.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"The Perfect Family"  Woman survives the murder of her family.  (Repeat) ID
08:00 AM
"Death of Innocence"  An 8-year-old boy's body is found.  (Repeat) ID
12:00 PM
"Dead End Trail"  A tireless investigation finally unmasks a killer years after the body of Susan Schumake is found near a trail on the campus of Southern Illinois University.  (Repeat) ID
01:00 PM
"Little Boy Lost"  A mother's tireless pursuit for justice in her son's murder leads investigators to find a crucial clue.  (Repeat) ID
02:00 PM
"Absent Teacher"  An elementary school teacher goes missing after her first day at a new job, and investigators sift through clues to uncover the heartbreaking truth behind her sudden disappearance.  (Repeat) ID

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