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The Golden Girls

"Blind Date"

Blanche has reservations about dating a blind man since he cannot see her physical attributes.  (Repeat)

Sun 5/24 10:44 AM  TVLAND
Duration: 37 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

08:00 AM
"Strange Bedfellows"  A political candidate announces that he had an affair with Blanche -- a contention that she denies.  (Repeat) HALL
08:30 AM
"Brotherly Love"  Dorothy makes her ex-husband jealous when she has an affair with his brother.  (Repeat) HALL
09:00 AM
"Yokel Hero"  Rose competes for St. Olaf's Woman of the Year honors. Richard Mulligan guest stars.  (Repeat) TVLAND
09:00 AM
"A Visit From Little Sven"  Rose's cousin falls madly in love with Blanche.  (Repeat) HALL
09:30 AM
"The Audit"  Dorothy hocks an expensive ring to pay off the debt she and her ex-husband owe to the Internal Revenue Service.  (Repeat) HALL
09:36 AM
"Bang the Drum, Stanley"  Sophia cries foul after being hit with a fly ball at the stadium. Herb Edelman guest stars.  (Repeat) TVLAND
10:12 AM
"Sophia's Wedding"  Sophia decides to marry her late husband's business partner.  (Repeat) TVLAND
10:48 AM
"Sophia's Wedding"  Sophia and Max return from their honeymoon and open a food stand on the boardwalk.  (Repeat) TVLAND
11:24 AM
"Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?"  Blanche's tattered jacket, containing a winning lottery ticket, is given to charity.  (Repeat) TVLAND
12:00 PM
"Scared Straight"  Blanche learns that her brother is gay after he claims to have slept with Rose.  (Repeat) TVLAND
The Golden Girls

Four mature women live together in Miami and experience the joys and angst of their golden years. Strong-willed Dorothy, spacey Rose, lusty Southern belle Blanche and matriarch Sophia, Dorothy's mom, occasionally clash but are there for one another in the end. After all, when the show's theme song is titled ``Thank You for Being a Friend,'' the ladies have to remain friendly with one another.

Current cast
Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak
Rue Mcclanahan as Blanche Devereaux
Betty White as Rose Nylund
Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo

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