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The Golden Girls

"Two Rode Together"

Dorothy takes Sophia to Disney World for quality time; Rose and Blanche write a children's book.  (Repeat)

Sun 8/2 11:30 PM  HALL
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

11:00 PM
"Valentine's Day"  The women remember terrible Valentine's Day experiences. Cameo appearance by Julio Iglesias.  (Repeat) HALL
11:30 PM
"Two Rode Together"  Dorothy takes Sophia to Disney World for quality time; Rose and Blanche write a children's book.  (Repeat) HALL
12:00 AM
"You Gotta Have Hope"  Rose finally gets to confront her fantasy that Bob Hope is her father.  (Repeat) HALL
12:30 AM
"Fiddler on the Ropes"  Sophia invests her roommates' money in a prizefighter who is a gifted violinist.  (Repeat) HALL
02:00 AM
"The Custody Battle"  Sophia decides to live in California with Dorothy's sister Gloria.  (Repeat) TVLAND
02:38 AM
"A Little Romance"  Rose tries to hide the fact that she is dating a little person. With Beatrice Arthur and Estelle Getty.  (Repeat) TVLAND
03:16 AM
"That Was No Lady"  Dorothy's becomes involved with a married coworker; her housemates disapprove.  (Repeat) TVLAND
03:54 AM
"In a Bed of Rose's"  Rose makes a fatal mistake when she allows her boyfriend to spend the night with her.  (Repeat) TVLAND
04:27 AM
"The Truth Will Out"  Rose explains to her daughter why she has so little money to leave in her will.  (Repeat) TVLAND
05:00 AM
"Nice and Easy"  Even man-hungry Blanche finds it difficult to tolerate her niece's promiscuous nature.  (Repeat) TVLAND
The Golden Girls

Four mature women live together in Miami and experience the joys and angst of their golden years. Strong-willed Dorothy, spacey Rose, lusty Southern belle Blanche and matriarch Sophia, Dorothy's mom, occasionally clash but are there for one another in the end. After all, when the show's theme song is titled ``Thank You for Being a Friend,'' the ladies have to remain friendly with one another.

Current cast
Bea Arthur as Dorothy Zbornak
Rue Mcclanahan as Blanche Devereaux
Betty White as Rose Nylund
Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo

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