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Cash Cab

Taxi passengers win money by answering trivia questions. 

Ben Bailey (Host), Tony Tackaberry (Executive Producer), Tom Cohen (Executive Producer), Allison Corn (Executive Producer), Kelly Lueschow (Executive Producer)

05:00 PM
"The Adventures of Ben Bailey"  The single rider theory; knowledge about the Fab Four.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
05:30 PM
"iCab"  Lady Gaga trivia challenges a rider; a group takes a ride in the wheels of cash.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
06:00 PM
"Cabs Are Here!"  A rider's case of hippophobia; the "Curse of the Bambino" myth; breakfast cereal quiz.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
06:30 PM
"It's All About the Benjamins, Baby!"  Riders go zoom zoom; cadet's curse Snoopy's mortal enemy; the USS Enterprise.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
07:00 PM
"The Greatest Show on Earth"  A New York version of the Carmageddon; Olympic quiz; a trio tries to earn enough to buy Zanadu.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
07:30 PM
"Winning"  Rock vs. paper; a duo want six fewer weeks of winter; members of a group have a fear of heights.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
08:00 PM
"Wax On, Wax Off"  Sisters dance to jailhouse rock; friends try not to knock over a tower; traveling back to 79 AD.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
08:30 PM
"Winner's Circle"  A group of four scores cash; having coffee with a hockey player; dudes go loco.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
09:00 PM
"Road Trippin"  Trying to catch the Road Runner; taking a ride on Spaceship Earth; three trailblazers.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
09:30 PM
"Test Drive"  Thundercats-HO!; getting stuck in the Bermuda Triangle; contenders try to break an Olympic record.  (Repeat) NUVOTV
Cash Cab

In this offbeat game show, players picked up in the Cash Cab have to answer trivia questions with mounting cash values before they reach their destination in order to win up to $1,000. If a player answers incorrectly, he is kicked out of the cab without any money. There are two help options: Mobile Shout-Out (phone call) and Street Shout-Out (asking a stranger on the street). Once the player reaches his destination, he can leave the cab with his winnings, if any, or risk them on a more difficult question. A correct answer doubles his winnings; an incorrect answer means he leaves the cab with no money at all.

Current cast
Ben Bailey

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