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Tabatha Takes Over

Tabatha travels the country to whip failing establishments into shape in a single week. 

Tabatha Coffey (Host), Eden Gaha (Executive Producer), Paul Franklin (Executive Producer), Tabatha Coffey (Executive Producer), Page Hurwitz (Executive Producer), Robin Feinberg (Executive Producer), Heather Schuster (Executive Producer)

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Tabatha Takes Over

For three seasons, salon owner Tabatha Coffey has traveled across the country trying to turn around failing hair salons that needed her help to stay in business. Now, in the retitled ``Tabatha Takes Over,'' Coffey expands her horizons and helps more types of failing businesses, not just salons, turn their fortunes around. At each business, she takes over as boss for a week as she confiscates the keys and brings her brutally honest approach to the business owners. Among the businesses Coffey visits are a doggy day care, a Los Angeles bed and breakfast and a yogurt shop.

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Tabatha Coffey

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