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Hardcore Pawn

The Gold family operates American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit. 

Les Gold, Seth Gold, Ashley Broad

Natalka Znak (Executive Producer), Claire O'donohoe (Executive Producer), Richard Dominick (Executive Producer), Anthony Horn (Executive Producer)

03:00 PM
"Whack Job"  A customer tests the staff's patience with worthless items; a woman brings in what she says is a rare music box; Ashley and Seth band together against an unruly customer.  (Repeat) TRUTV
03:30 PM
"Hot Rods, Raging Tempers"  Les is tempted by a vintage hot rod; a customer is surprised when the Golds turn his wife's ring into a pendant; Les and Ashley have a family brawl.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:00 PM
"Acid Test"  Seth wants to purchase an expensive piece of equipment that he says can save the store thousands, but the device flies in the face of Les's old school ways.  (Repeat) TRUTV
04:30 PM
"Gold War"  A granny threatens Seth with a shotgun; Les negotiates over a vintage gumball machine.  (Repeat) TRUTV
05:00 PM
"Urban Hillbilly"  An urban hillbilly tries to sell unusual items; a conflict overflows into the parking lot.  (Repeat) TRUTV
05:30 PM
"Poachers"  Merchants start poaching customers on Les' property; bogus bling sets a customer off on a rampage.  (Repeat) TRUTV
06:00 PM
"Ashley's Breakdown"  Seth discovers merchandise his employees have not been able to sell; Ashley chases a customer into the parking lot; what starts out as a argument turns into the worst fight in the family's history.  (Repeat) TRUTV
06:30 PM
"Ashley's Aftermath"  Ashley returns to put Seth in his place; Les sits his kids down for a royal reaming.  (Repeat) TRUTV
10:00 AM
"Amy Got Back"  Seth is blindsided when Les brings back ex-employee Amy who he claims screwed them over; the Golds discover a mistake that could cost them thousands.  (Repeat) TRUTV
10:30 AM
"Tripped Out Cash"  Les buys rare rock memorabilia that may be worth a pile of cash; a man gets caught trying to secretly sell his girlfriend's ring; Les squares off with a potential buyer for the rock memorabilia.  (Repeat) TRUTV
Hardcore Pawn

``The working man's bank'' is always willing to make a deal. That's why for the people of Detroit, the go-to pawn shop for more than four decades has been American Jewelry and Loan. This series follows its day-to-day operations, focusing on third-generation pawnbroker and company patriarch Les Gold, a street-smart old-schooler known for driving a hard bargain but having a soft heart. The family business also includes Seth, Les' only son and business partner; daughter Ashley, the shop's general manager; and Les' wife, Lili. But there's no question who the boss is, and he's often heard reminding his team of more than 45 employees, ``The customer always lies.''

Current cast
Les Gold Seth Gold Ashley Broad

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