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Happy Days

The Cunningham family enjoys life in 1950s Milwaukee. 

Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Anson Williams, Donny Most, Erin Moran, Jerry Paris, Scott Baio, Al Molinaro

Jerry Paris (Director), Herb Wallerstein (Director), Norm Gray (Director), Frank Buxton (Director), Mel Ferber (Director), Art Fisher (Director), Bill Idelson (Writer), George Tyne (Director), Garry Marshall (Director), Jerry London (Director), Don Weis (Director), Brian Levant (Director), Tony Di marco (Writer), Peter Baldwin (Director)

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Happy Days

Set in 1950s and 1960s Milwaukee, this series tells the story of the Cunningham family - father Howard, mother Marion, son Richie and daughter Joanie. Howard owns a hardware store, while Marion stays at home. Richie's best friends are Potsie and Ralph. Arthur ``Fonzie'' Fonzarelli is the local bad boy, riding a motorcycle and filling his days with fixing cars and dating girls. During the show's run, Richie leaves home to join the U.S. Army.

Current cast
Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham
Henry Winkler as Arthur ``Fonzie'' Fonzarelli
Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham
Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham
Anson Williams as Warren ``Potsie'' Weber
Donny Most as Ralph Malph
Erin Moran as Joanie Cunningham

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