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Boy Meets World

"Back 2 School"

Feeny, the school bully and an unorthodox new teacher ruin Cory's first day of high school.  (Repeat)

Fri 8/7 1:30 PM  ABCF
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Sitcom, Comedy

09:00 AM
"Getting Hitched"  Shawn and Jack go through Chet's trailer after he dies; Topanga thinks she and Cory should live together.  (Repeat) MTV2
09:30 AM
"Road Trip"  After his father dies, Shawn takes Cory on a road trip; Eric tries to understand why Jack and Rachel kissed.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:00 AM
"My Baby Valentine"  Cory's special plans for Valentine's Day are thrown into confusion when Amy goes into early labor during her baby shower; Morgan has mixed feelings about the new baby.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:30 AM
"Resurrection"  The premature birth of the Matthews' baby brings everyone together, but increases tension between Cory and Topanga.  (Repeat) MTV2
11:00 AM
"Bee True"  Just as Mr. Feeny gets enough courage to ask out Dean Bolander, her ex-husband returns to win her back.  (Repeat) MTV2
11:33 AM
"Can I Help to Cheer You?"  The rich father of a bride-to-be offers Cory $1 million to marry his daughter; Eric wants to adopt Tommy.  (Repeat) MTV2
01:00 PM
"The Father/Son Game"  Cory and Eric invent some white lies in order to skip the annual father-son softball game.  (Repeat) ABCF
01:30 PM
"Once in Love With Amy"  Cory and Eric decide to play detective when they discover provocative clothing in their mother's bowling bag.  (Repeat) ABCF
07:00 AM
"Father Knows Less"  Alan's attempt at bonding with Cory causes unexpected trouble.  (Repeat) MTV2
07:30 AM
"The B-Team of Life"  Cory is embarrassed when he makes the basketball B-team, but his family sets him straight.  (Repeat) MTV2
Boy Meets World

With the help of true love Topanga, best friend Shawn and teacher Mr. Feeny, Cory Matthews juggles school, friends and romance. The series, a popular Friday night staple on ABC for seven seasons, began with Cory in the sixth grade and follows him and his entourage through their college years.

Current cast
Ben Savage as Cory Matthews
William Daniels as George Feeny
Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews
Will Friedle as Eric Matthews
Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter
William Russ as Alan Matthews
Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews
Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence
Matthew Lawrence as Jack Newman
Trina Mcgee-davis as Angela

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