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Good Luck Charlie

"Dress Mess"

Amy is sure her old prom dress would be the perfect fit for Teddy to wear to her dance.  (Repeat)

Sun 4/27 1:00 PM  DISN
Duration: 25 minutes
Rated: TV-G
Kids, Sitcom, Comedy

Bridgit Mendler, Leigh-allyn Baker, Bradley Perry, Eric allan Kramer, Jason Dolley, Mia Talerico

Phil Baker (Executive Producer), Drew Vaupen (Executive Producer), Dan Staley (Executive Producer)

10:00 PM
"Wentz's Weather Girls"  Teddy convinces Harry Wentz to follow his dream and opens Denver's first weather-themed restaurant.  (Repeat) DISN
12:00 AM
"Girl Bites Dog"  Teddy feels bad that Charlie bit her boyfriend Spencer, so she decides to surprise him at work to smooth things over.  (Repeat) DISN
12:30 AM
"Butt-Dialing Duncans"  New cell phones cause chaos.  (Repeat) DISN
02:00 PM
"Futuredrama"  Ten years in the future, 14 year-old Charlie watches a video diary that Teddy made about a fight she had with Gabe, in hopes that it will guide her through her fight with an 11 year-old Toby.  (Repeat) DISN
02:25 PM
"Teddy's Choice"  Teddy invites her new boyfriend Beau to her 18th birthday party, but things quickly become awkward when Spencer shows up unexpectedly to help celebrate.  (Repeat) DISN
02:50 PM
"Weekend in Vegas"  Ivy tricks Teddy into joining her family on a road trip; Amy's feelings are hurt.  (Repeat) DISN
04:00 PM
"Rat-A-Teddy"  Teddy throws herself a slumber party to help forget her would-be anniversary with Spencer; Amy manipulates Lauren in an effort to get Gabe to do whatever she wants, but the tables are turned when Gabe and Lauren catch on.  (Repeat) DISN
04:30 PM
"Down a Tree"  Gabe discovers PJ has been living in the tree house in the backyard.  (Repeat) DISN
10:05 PM
"Team Mom"  New team mom, Amy, invites teammates Kelsey and Vonnie over for a team-bonding sleepover when Teddy's volleyball team loses a couple games.  (Repeat) DISN
12:00 AM
"Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band"  After discovering that Spencer was dating them both, Teddy and Skylar decide to mend their broken hearts by producing a mean music video about him.  (Repeat) DISN
Good Luck Charlie

Teens PJ and Teddy and tween brother Gabe are typical kids -- that is, until their mother has another baby. The arrival of their new sister completely upends the entire household. When their mother heads back to work after Charlie's birth, it's up to the kids and their dad to keep the home fires burning -- and to keep Charlie out of trouble as she learns to sit up, crawl, walk and run. Teddy, as the older sister, makes a personalized video diary for Charlie, in each episode adding a nugget of wisdom for her baby sibling.

Current cast
Bridgit Mendler as Teddy
Leigh-allyn Baker as Amy
Bradley Perry as Gabe
Eric allan Kramer as Bob
Jason Dolley as PJ
Mia Talerico as Charlie

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