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Yard Crashers

Unsuspecting people receive landscape transformations. 

Matt Blashaw (Host), Ahmed Hassan (Host)

01:00 PM
"Rustic in the Redwoods"  A plain and boring yard, located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, gets a transformation that more accurately reflects its surroundings.  (Repeat) DIY
01:30 PM
"Outdoor Movie Lounge"  A deserted backyard is converted into a modern outdoor theater complete with a custom entertainment bar and a movie theater style popcorn machine.  (Repeat) DIY
02:00 PM
"Rustic Outdoor Kitchen"  A fireman's large and desolate backyard is transformed into a space that's perfect for entertaining.  (Repeat) DIY
02:30 PM
"Rustic Country"  An unkempt backyard is transformed into a woodsy retreat complete with a natural waterfall and pond.  (Repeat) DIY
03:00 PM
"Vintage Hillside"  A backyard renovation is complicated by the location of a steep hillside.  (Repeat) DIY
03:30 PM
"Bamboo Oasis"  A backyard is transformed into a private and meditative oasis.  (Repeat) DIY
04:00 PM
"Shady Oasis"  A small yard gets transformed into a shady oasis with multiple wood and metal shade structures.  (Repeat) DIY
04:30 PM
"Wine Barrel Haven"  Matt uses the homeowners' love of wine barrels as an inspiration for a backyard renovation.  (Repeat) DIY
05:00 PM
"Contemporary Grids"  A couple's attempt at building their dream yard goes awry.  (Repeat) DIY
05:30 PM
"Cabo Daybed"  A homeowner's wasted mud space gets a Cabo style facelift with a pine timber pergola and redwood hanging bed.  (Repeat) DIY
Yard Crashers

If you're lucky enough to run into Ahmed Hassan while shopping for grass seed, don't run the other way. He could be your ticket to a brand new backyard landscape. Hassan, a professional landscape contractor, searches home improvement stores for weekend warriors who could use a pro's expertise, and after finding his mark, he follows them home to commence the ``crash'' -- for two days, Hassan and his team of contractors and artisans completely remake the drab backyard into a relaxing retreat. Beginning with season seven, contractor Matt Blashaw replaced Hassan as host.

Current cast
Matt Blashaw

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